The goal:

Timberland wanted to maximise the opportunity for audiences to engage with their content across key touch points and drive visits into their stores and partner stockists.

Our location solutions.

GroundTruth, Vizeum, and Amplifi partnered to build audiences and deliver contextual experiences based on real-world behavior. Overall, the proximity-based campaign drove an incremental store visitation lift of 6.2% to Timberland stores and stockists, with 20% of visits occurring within 24 hours of exposure.

Targeting audiences who had visited an outdoor activity location was an effective strategy for Timberland, with the rich media engagement rate at 6.21%, which is 12% above the campaign average for rich media units.

Those exposed and engaged within close proximity to stores, saw a secondary action rate 52% above benchmark.


Case Study / Timberland

GroundTruth identified audiences most likely to be in the mindset to purchase footwear, based on recent store visitation and physical proximity to Timberland stores, Timberland stockists and competitor stores. Dynamic ad units which display the distance and the direction of stores were used in the mobile creative, enabling Timberland to harness the power of location intent.

Stepping up to claim the ‘urban stylist’ crown, GroundTruth built an audience of fashion-conscious city dwellers and outdoor enthusiasts, based on point of interest visitations to fashion stores and outdoor activity hotspots, to drive content engagement. A landing page built by GroundTruth gave users quick access to relevant content, while rich media creative reached Timberland’s desired audiences with engaging dynamic creative units and video content.

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lift in store visitation to timberland stores